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International Sports Kindergarten

children playing outside
children playing outside
Are you looking for a dynamic and diverse early learning experience for your child? Look no further! International Sports Kindergarten “Smile” offers exceptional international education and sports that blends the two together in a fun and nurturing environment.
Why Us
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Our Mission Statement

The International Sports Kindergarten is dedicated to inspire young learners to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate and respectful global citizens.
children reading

Holistic Development

Our educational structure focuses on child-centred learning with an emphasis on individual - based differentiation. We have holistic approach to education, including the student’s physical, mental, and intellectual development.
children playing hoops and ball

Sports Galore

Our goal is to create a completely different kind of kindergarten where children can play sports, learn languages, develop healthy lifestyles and also build social skills through free play

children drawing

Educational Excellence

Our passionate educators strive to create a supportive atmosphere where curiosity is sparked, friendships are formed across borders, and the joy of learning harmoniously cooperate with the love for sports.


ISK is an international kindergarten where sports and the love of the English language are incorporated into the framework of pedagogical program as an integral part.

We believe that children growing up in calm, safe and cheerful environments will grow up to be balanced, active and successful adults. In our kindergarten, we provide a cosy and warm atmosphere while at the same time, offering a specific yet playful classroom. Our classroom space is organised in learning centres – literacy, math, art, science/sensory, and reading. Every day the children have the choice of which centre they would like to go. The centres activities are aimed at developing children’s social skills, their math and logical thinking, as well as all skills which preparing them to start reading and writing. Our learning centres encourage students’ curiosity. Creativity is a key approach for our pedagogy. Our educational system integrates academics into fun activities, ensuring the students’ continuous development.

outdoors learning setup
children studiying outdoors
How It Works
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Features of Our Kindergarten 

🌟 Certified and Passionate Educators
🌟 Safe and Stimulating Learning Environment
🌟 Creative Arts and Crafts
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